Get Support

At Michigan, we’re here to support you. That means nourishing your personal well-being and bolstering your academic and professional success. Here is a snapshot of some of the resources available to you as a member of the University of Michigan and Michigan Medicine communities.

Need Help Now?

If you're experiencing a mental health crisis, call 911 or U-M Psychiatric Emergency Services at 734-936-5900 or 734-996-4747.

Explore Campus Resources

Learning specialist with medical students

Get help with your studies, your professional and career goals, and your balance by tapping into counseling, consulting and learning communities at U-M. Visit the Academic Support section to learn more.

Accessibility & Disability Accommodations

Find information about accommodations for learners with disabilities, and about the accessibility of campus buildings and the city of Ann Arbor.

Basic Needs

If you’re experiencing financial, housing or food insecurity, the University can help. Visit the Basic Needs Portal to get information on food banks, emergency grants and housing assistance.

Community & Interest Groups

Finding your people is so important to feeling at home. The University of Michigan has more than 1,600 community and interest groups, as well as dedicated centers for the LGBTQ+ community, communities of color, for health equity and inclusion, and many more. Visit the Finding Your Community guide for more information.

A runner crosses a bridge at Gallup Park in Ann Arbor

Learn about the University’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, and find programs and resources for first-generation learners, international students and scholars, the LGTBQ+ community, undocumented students and scholars, learners traditionally under-represented in medicine, veterans, and learners with disabilities, as well as a list of interest groups for medical students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Health & Wellness

Find information about health insurance coverage for learners at Michigan Medicine, and learn more about counseling and support services in the Health section. Whether your wellness plan includes meditation, a game of tennis at a campus rec center, speaking with a trusted counselor, a trail run or team sports, you’ll also find hundreds of options (and new friends!) in the Ann Arbor area. Explore the Things to Do list for some ideas.


Sign up to receive campus emergency alerts, register your laptop or bike to deter theft, and learn more about the University of Michigan Division of Public Safety & Security in the Campus Safety section.


Visit the Spirituality & Religion section to find a reflection room for prayer, meditation, or contemplation, and search campus groups and local faith organizations to support your spiritual path throughout your time in Ann Arbor.

What Michigan Medicine Learners Say

“Don’t isolate yourself. Lean on people, even if it’s your host from interviews or people you met along the way. We all want to help.”
— Jacqueline, MSTP student

“I moved from California, and had a very difficult time in my first few months here. I relied on my house counselor and found communities in and out of the Medical School to help feel more at home.”
— Cory, M.D. student

“Find a routine that gives you something to ground you in this place. When I lived in New York, I saw the patterns of my neighborhood on my walks to the train in the morning. Now, I watch how the Huron River changes over the course of different seasons. It sounds corny, but knowing the rhythm of my surroundings helps me feel more adjusted.”
— Yoni, M.D. student